June 2021
Dear our valued customers
New Image continues to be the market leader in products containing premium Colostrum throughout the world. Alpha Lipid Lifeline is only available to you through New Image, and we would like to thank you for your continued support and loyalty to our high-quality brand.
You are now part of a worldwide movement where an estimated one million customers consume our scientifically validated supplements and natural beauty products on a daily basis. This is an incredible achievement because it means that countless thousands of people are enjoying better health and, in many cases, a healthier and enhanced lifestyle.
As business partners, we are both subject to cost increases, and in order to maintain viability and margins, we are forced to review prices and costs like every other industry. We chose to hold prices for over a year now until the COVID effect had somewhat stabilized. Unfortunately, it looks like the turbulence will continue for some time yet.
Many prices and commodities have increased in price recently and we have no alternative but to bridge the gap. To maintain the consistently high quality of products that you deserve and demand, we are required to increase our product prices, which have remained stagnant since August 2014.
In that time, as you will be only too well aware, the CPI increased on most consumer goods and services. In the last three years, changes in global and national economies have affected the cost of many of our special ingredient raw materials.
Milk powder has gone up 40%, Colostrum 8%, other key ingredients over 12%. As you will be aware, freight has gone up substantially internationally and is still on the rise. Australian CPI has increased by 9.3% and general food prices by 9.2%. All these increases erode margins, effecting the viability of your and our businesses. We cannot and will not reduce the quality of our products with lower-cost ingredients.


To maintain the consistently high quality of the products that you deserve and demand, as well as assisting in offsetting business and product cost increases, we will be increasing the product prices between 3% and a maximum of 8.8%, effective from the 1st of July 2021.
We have really tried hard to keep the cost of our products down and subsidised the increase in cost over the last 7 years (since the last price increase in 2014) through efficiencies and producing larger volumes. It may appear unfortunate timing, but we have little choice.

However, you cannot buy high-quality ingredients cheaply. Our customers have enjoyed the low daily cost per serve New Image products over the last few years whilst most of our competitors have had annual price rises.
A daily serving of Alpha Lipid Lifeline is just over $3, to enjoy the security of a robust immune system and the reinforced anti-infection security. Our products will remain highly competitive in the marketplace. 
Once again, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support, and trust that you will continue to use and receive the health and wellness benefits associated with our proven, unique, and authentic range of natural products.

Watch the space for the impending announcements on the release of new cutting-edge, anti-viral formulated products.
Stay safe, stay healthy.

New Image